What we do?

We're a membership service of cryptocurrency

As a member of NowX world, you have access to the full range of benefits that come with easy, instant and fair financial services of your cryptocurrency or digital assets from Blockchain. With tens of thousands of service providers from over 100 countries in the NowX world, we are making cryptocurrency inclusive and global. Join us - create your free Now ID account

Our Features



Save and manage cryptocurrency or digital assets to your account by using bitcoin, ethereum, USDT or others. Trial click to download



Send or receive cryptocurrency to or from any member, anywhere - across town or borders - instantly,securely and for free. Trial click to download instantly



Convert your cryptocurrency to 30+ currencies instantly and securely. Trial click to make ETC transactions



From thousands of digital assets to bitcoin, USDT or other cryptocurrencies in seconds. Click to enter the exchange



Spend your cryptocurrency directly in all kinds of lifestyle you used to live. Click to access to Now Pay page



Hold and increase the value of your assets in cryptocurrency of your choice from thousands of safekeeping, short-term or long-term investment choices. Click to access to Now Wallet



Your funds are fully held in reserves worldwide, protected by world class security solutions and systems.



We publish a real-time proof of holdings, showing you can access to your assets at any time.


Fast and secure payments across the world. First-class security and commitment. With our open API, integration will be easier than ever. Whatever your business is, NowX has a solution for your asset growth. With NowX global user base, Now PAY Merchant Services (NPMS) offers merchants access to global markets without the traditional costs of global cross-border payments.

Our Advantages

Fast and secure cryptocurrency payments

Instant Transactions: collect cryptocurrencies like USDT from your global customers instantly and securely.

Easy conversions

Convert between 30 currencies and commodities at a low cost to protect your businesses and assets.

Free storage

Free storage for all your crypto assets and get the increase in value of many cryptocurrencies and commodities

Access to Global Customers

Get paid by international users without the significant costs of traditional international payments.

Industry-leading IOT device compatibility

The only cryptocurrency payment system that supports IOT device based on Blockchain

World class security systems

Our latest security systems and processes ensure all assets and data are protected.

Customized solutions for your business

At NowX, we understand every business has unique requirements and that today's global marketplace requires global solutions. From instant global transactions to costless forex, NowX works directly with businesses developing customized solutions, maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs. We work with you to make your global trade seamless, so you can focus on your core business. For more information, please contact us.

Just provide great products and we'll do the rest

NowX gives innovators the ability to create secure, compliant, frontier financial applications that store, transfer, and convert any form of value. In minutes, you will change the world forever.


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NowX is a next generation blockchain-based platform that allows anyone to manage, trade and convert value instantly, securely at for low cost.

Android SDK

Android SDK allows developers to integrate Android applications with the NowX API.


IOS SDK allows developers to integrate iOS applications with the NowX API.


PHP SDK allows developers to integrate PHP applications with the NowX API.


JAVA SDK allows developers to integrate JAVA applications with the NowX API.

Welcome to NowX world. The Internet of Future