NowX is not a bank, but more than it.

NowX is also an innovative and decentralized cryptocurrency banking platform, which aims to build a world-class service integration and management platform for cryptocurrency around the world. The core design concept of NowX platform is the decentralization of blockchain and the public ledger. NowX platform is based on the development of a more fair and just digital assets bank. Through smart contracts, neither traders nor platforms could have direct access to users' new money assets. The Platform's transaction data are transparent and traceable.

No hidden charges

You may notice a slight difference between the price for the buy and sell price at NowX. This is because we include a Price Protection fee in the quote. This small difference (usually less than 0.75% above or below the mid-market rate) allows us to give you an instant and guaranteed price no matter the market status or other factors that may affect our ability to process your transactions.

Transparent and real-time

At NowX, you can securely store your cryptocurrency in the form of your choice, for as long as you want. You can even get a significant growth by choosing to place your assets in any kind of funds and commodities in your account. 

On our transparency page, we publish the breakdown of assets and obligations in our reserve and we continuously update our frontier Blockchain technology. This allows anyone to have a grand view of our full reserve status at any time.

Welcome to NowX world. The Internet of Future